Onboarding Process

Step-by-Step process

Leti Ferrari

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Step 1

Apply for an account with WAAVE

You can start your application through this link: Start Here

  • The application fee is non-refundable, if you have any special circumstances we need to know, please contact us before paying the application fee.

  • We do an individual KYC and an entity KYB. Just like a bank, we will run all AML checks on owners with over 25% of shares in the company. OFAC and PEP checks.

  • If you had a bankruptcy in the past, we might still be able to approve you under special agreement terms.

  • Our merchants work in High-Compliance industries. If you don't see your product specifically mentioned on our site please email us with more details. We will be able to let you know whether we can accommodate your products before you apply. For more info please read our Acceptable User Policy.

  • If you are on MATCH you can apply anyways, but if you do not tell us in advance your application might be rejected by underwriting.

What happens next: You will get an email with our Onboarding Forms

Step 2

Immediately after you complete step 1, you will receive an email with our onboarding forms. We need you to complete these forms and upload the necessary documents.

There is only ONE onboarding form to complete.

These are the documents you will need:

  • If your business requires a license to operate, you will need to upload a PDF of the document. Example: Dispensaries and Seed Breeders.
  • Articles of incorporation
  • ID for any shareholder owning over 25% of the company
  • Website URL proof of ownership
  • IRS letter showing your EIN number
  • Your latest bank statements (at least 3)
  • Voided Check
  • A PDF with your latest Marketing Campaign
  • If you sell CBD or Delta 8 you will have to provide a valid COA for each item and a spreadsheet with the item + link to COA or install our WaaveCompliance plugin early and ensure the correct COA is listed on each product page

Depending on many factors, we might require additional information, such as:

  • Previous processing history
  • Social Security Number for main owners
  • Additional proof of Address

These requests are not standard and if they are needed, the Onboarding agent will communicate with you via email.

What happens next: Our underwriting team gets to work to get you processed as soon as possible

Step 3

Receive a decision.

We have a 98% approval rate, and we are here to help you through the process. The best way to expedite the decision-making process is to submit all the correct documents in a timely manner.


It could take us 7 days to get you processed, depending on the number of applications we receive at the time and depending on the quality of your submissions. Example: If your ID is blurry we will ask you to re-submit and that creates a delay.

What happens next: Compliance Review

Step 4

Now that you are approved, we will send you an agreement.

Our team will help you update your site, do an initial manual review.

Step 5

You nailed the manual review, your site looks awesome and now it is time to grow your revenue. Learn more about incremental sales 

Install our products on your site and Go Live!

  • WaaveCompliance monitors your inventory and shipping rules, you install and we will configure remotely
  • Install the products you want to use. You can learn more about our plans on the WAAVE website

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