Current WAAVE Compliance Rules for add-on items

Delta 8, Delta 9 & 10, Smokable Hemp and Vapes

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All websites must have

  • Disclaimers for their specific vertical must be on the main page footer, each product description page, and the correct section or your site Shipping / FAQ / Learn More if available
  • Refund Policy Section
  • All products must have an accurate and truthful product description
  • There cannot be any lorem ipsum on the site (this is gibberish placeholder text )
  • Soft Age Gate for the entire website.
  • Include our WAAVE Info link, DO NOT type the information on your site, we maintain the link up to date.

Smokable Hemp

Shipping Limitations

  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Iowa
  • South Dakota
  • Indiana
  • Arkansas
  • North Carolina
  • Kansas

Delta 8

Shipping Limitations:

  • Alaska, 
  • Arizona, 
  • Arkansas, 
  • Colorado, 
  • Connecticut, 
  • Delaware, 
  • Kentucky, 
  • Idaho, 
  • Iowa, Michigan, 
  • Mississippi, 
  • Montana, 
  • New York, 
  • North Dakota, 
  • Rhode Island, 
  • Utah, 
  • Vermont,
  • Washington.

Delta 9, 10, THC0, HHC

We allow products with valid COAs and THC levels below 0.3%

Vaping Products

Vaping law changed in 2020 Check it out

While the shipping ban by USPS has not been implemented all vaping products are being moved to the ATF purview

These are the WAAVE requirements for merchants who carry these products:

  • Proof of private carrier shipping approval
  • Proof of ATF registration
  • Proof of age verification on every order (upload ID)

Include the appropriate disclaimer:

“{name of your company} is registered with ATF for the sale of vaping products and we ship these items via {name of private courier} We implement a mandatory ID verification to ensure this item is not sold to underage customers. We are fully compliant with the new PACT Act”

If a merchant cannot comply with the above vaping items on their menu will be added to the rejected SKU list.

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